Funding Partners

Z Place is a Children’s Corridor Innovation Project, part of a national place-based model created by The Piton Foundation to accelerate the most creative thinking available to enhance life-long success for children and families living in this area. Other partners in this venture include The Anschutz Foundation, The Daniels Fund, The Colorado Health Foundation, The Gates Family Foundation, The City of Denver Office of Economic Development, the Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation, and BuildStrong Education, an Oakwood Homes Foundation.


Why is it called Z Place?

Z Place is a fun name created to convey youthful energy and the dynamic combination of resources that have come together to create this unique community-driven network of services. The letter Z stands as a symbol of this liveliness. As Z Place is evolving and growing to meet the unique needs of the community, we want everyone to feel it is their place—welcoming and here for them.